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Top 10 Travel Media Brands on Social Media for October 2014

National Geographic Traveler can no longer rely on its parent brand's recognition because social media is leveling the playing field for younger online based publications.

2 years ago

UPDATED: Time Inc. Is Shutting Down Executive Travel Magazine

Despite the quality of its content, Executive Travel's infrequent publication and poor digital presence meant it played a small role in the fast-moving world of frequent travelers.

3 years ago

Updated: 21 Travel Media Brands That Lead on Social Media

Talking to users should be easy for travel media brands, but a few have managed to dominate the conversation (like LP and Travel Channel) while others surprise despite their size (like Fathom).

3 years ago

Time Inc Didn’t Pay Much For Travel+Leisure, In Fact Made $20 Million Gain

Not much of a shocker, such is the state of the legacy magazine business these days.

3 years ago

Time Inc.’s Purchase of American Express Publishing Is Complete

The transaction is official, which means the real work now lies ahead.

3 years ago

8 Questions for the New Bosses at Travel+Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler

Traditional travel publications are in a flux right now, but it's an exciting time for re-invention.

3 years ago

American Express Confirms Sale of Magazine Division to Time Inc.

At AmEX, the magazines' sales teams have long been hamstrung by a lengthy approval process so as not to run afoul of banking regulations. Expect a quick bump in ad page sales as soon as the new owners start running things.

3 years ago

American Express to Sell Travel + Leisure, Departures and More to Time Inc.

T+L and Departures were no slouches in the ad department, with over $50 million in combined revenue last quarter alone. Their success will depend on whether or not Time Inc. will micromanage the brands or give them greater freedom than Amex could.

3 years ago