U.S. Travel Agencies Trade In Storefronts for Home Offices

This study looks at the changing proportions of business models without taking into account the actual volume of agencies. The focus on market share rather than hard numbers hides the true health of the industry.

Independent Travel Guide BootsnAll Buys AirTreks Travel Agency

You need to be quite the master of a narrow niche to make an airfare-focused travel agency work, and AirTreks' around-the-world specialization seems just the thing.

The Sunshine Is Back Over Thomas Cook, For Now

CEO Harriet Green has done a great job trying to pare down and focus the travel giant, but tougher work of regaining relevance lies ahead.

UK Travel Agency Replaces Paper with Touchscreens in Next-Generation Store

Better late than never? The closer that travel agencies get to becoming the physical manifestation of today's booking and reviews sites, the closer they get to keeping the customers they have left.