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5 Big Travel Winners at Cannes Lions Advertising Awards

Airbnb has emerged as the leader in travel product. Now it's horning into travel creative, as well.

4 months ago

Facebook’s 360-Degree Travel Videos Offer Destinations a New Path to Marketing

360-degree and virtual reality videos let travelers decide what they want to see and how they want to see it. Travel brands just need to ensure that they're really selling themselves and portraying one-of-a-kind experiences, which most of these videos seem to do.

7 months ago

Tourism Australia Creates World’s Longest Selfie Stick for Japanese Tourists

1 year ago

Interview: Tourism Australia Director on Being the Best in the Business

Tourism Australia is leading the industry in marketing practices, which means it must continually innovate on its most successful campaigns and test new ones to find what sticks and gets travelers to commit to the often long-distance journey down under.

1 year ago

Travel Brands That Don’t Understand Social Media Will Perish

Outsiders aren't as impressed with the social media efforts of the tourism industry as the tourism industry is.

2 years ago

What Travel Brands Need to Know About Facebook’s New Updates

Facebook is focusing its laser on Messenger and third-party app partnerships to retain and monetize its audience.

2 years ago

Instagram Surpasses Twitter in Monthly Active Users for the First Time

Brands that are planning their 2015 marketing budgets should consider how they will allocate resources to producing original photographs or leveraging user-generated content -- or both -- on Instagram.

2 years ago

Top 10 Travel Destinations on Social Media for November 2014

Travelers had more or less made up their minds about where they're headed for the upcoming holiday, which may have diverted their attention from destinations' social media channels.

2 years ago

How Data Inspired Tourism Australia to Market Its Food and Wine

Cuisine is a gateway to destinations. The key to culinary tourism is maintaining the cultural identity of its edible offerings while still catering to the global palette.

2 years ago

Singapore Airlines and Tourism Australia Deepen Marketing Collaboration in Deal Worth A$12 Million

Destination partnerships between airlines and tourism boards make a lot of sense for both parties. It's a smart move for Singapore Airlines.

2 years ago

Top 10 Travel Destinations on Social Media for October 2014

Smaller destinations snuck into the top ten this month with a mix of clever campaigns and seasonal highlights.

2 years ago

The Travel Brands That Understand Instagram Video

Creating a series of Instagram Videos is a great way to plan content consistently and increase return visitors.

2 years ago