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The Rise of Civil Rights Tourism in America’s Deep South

Historically, tourism in the Deep South steered clear of discussing slavery and Jim Crow, instead leaning on less contentious topics like country music and antebellum architecture. But now, civil rights museums are becoming an important part of the South's tourism landscape, even if many state tourism boards haven't gotten on the bandwagon.

2 months ago

Tennessee Tourism Campaign Honored at International Festival

Tennessee Vacation MatchMaker shows how destination marketers are pulling viewer data to customize marketing efforts targeting the individual consumer.

4 months ago

The World’s Fastest Wooden Roller Coaster Is Coming to Dollywood

Score one for Tennessee against the big theme park rivals in Florida and California.

1 year ago

Food and Drink Tourism Embraces East Tennessee’s Moonshine Legacy

Another destination that has realized being itself isn't such a bad idea after all.

1 year ago

The Small Tennessee Museum That’s an Unlikely Tourism Hit

There are opportunities to drive growth to mid-tier and small markets with unique attractions that look to lure regional visitors.

2 years ago

Nashville Hotels Have Their Busiest Month Ever in March

Nashville is a trending destination right now and its growth is only boosted by the national rebound in business and leisure travel.

2 years ago

Nashville’s Country Music Museum Undergoes $100 Million Expansion to Meet Visitor Demand

Country music is one of the main tourist pulls of Nashville and the museum's growth is a sign of the city's commitment to fostering and growing that tourist base.

3 years ago

Tennessee Communities With Adventure Tourism Now Qualify for Tax Credit

The official certification and tax credit may incentivize communities to broaden their tourism offerings thereby creating more jobs and potential revenue streams.

3 years ago

Tennessee Tourism Taps Celebrity Musicians for 2014 Vacation Guide

Tennessee's famous music culture is one of its most attractive trip motivators and connecting its music heritage with current-day celebrities will help build awareness among a younger set of travelers.

3 years ago

Nashville’s Growing Food Scene Attracts Musicians and Music Lovers

An upcoming food scene is the perfect compliment to Nashville's already established music tourism sector, especially with food as a main motivator for travel worldwide.

3 years ago

Shutdown 2013: Let Us Pay for Great Smoky Mts. Park Says Tenn. County

Local communities may be all for the congressional slow-down for political reasons, but when it comes to their local parks, they find solutions to try to save their tourism business.

3 years ago

Tennessee Introduces Plan to Boost Tourism Through Festivals and Sports

Tennessee has a strong brand to build off of in the U.S. market, but it will need more than country music to market itself among a growing number of international visitors.

3 years ago