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Uber’s Spat With California Taxi Cab Companies Continues

Uber's still fighting charges that it used misleading advertising in California.

6 months ago

Lyft Gains on Uber in Corporate Travel, While Taxi Use Plummets

Uber has built a dominating advantage when it comes to ground transportation in corporate travel. But cheap fares from Lyft, combined with happier drivers and more robust expense reporting tools, will likely lead to increased growth at the expense of Uber's dominant market share. The entry of ride hailing apps into the mainstream also presages a continued decline in both taxi rides and car rentals.

6 months ago

Las Vegas Taxis Struggle to Compete With Uber and Lyft

The arrival of ridesharing services is forcing the Las Vegas taxi industry to come clean on its excessive fees.

9 months ago

The Asian On-Demand Carpooling App That’s Eyeing Hong Kong

As Steve Jobs famously told the Dropbox CEO: What you have here is a feature, not a business.

9 months ago

Travel Agent Employment Forecast in U.S. Shows Decline Over Next Decade

We'd be interested in seeing where the remaining travel agents are concentrated and which specialties may be growing while others continue their decline.

10 months ago

Chinese Consumers’ Support of Uber and Didi Leading to Revised Rules

12 months ago

Japan Wants Self-Driving Taxis for the 2020 Olympics

It'll be interesting to see if automated car technology can cope with the traffic congestion in a city like Tokyo.

1 year ago

Uber’s Biggest Rival in China Gets Investment From Auto Giant in Latest Round

Uber needs a win in China, and that's looking harder every day than it once did.

1 year ago