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Priceline Kicks Off New Campaign With Pre-Game Super Bowl Ad

Priceline takes advantage of the Super Bowl's huge audience without dipping into its savings for a million-dollar ad during the game. It's a smart decision seeing as it's already among one of the largest travel booking sites worldwide.

2 years ago

Blizzard May Keep Patriots Fans From the Super Bowl, but Won’t Stop Soaring Ticket Prices

Many New England fans won't be happy the blizzard will keep them from watching the game in person, but their wallets will probably thank them later.

2 years ago

I’m Going to Disney World: A Video History of the Super Bowl Victory Boast

Not sure going to Disney the day after you win a championship is the best prize, but alongside "Virginia is for Lovers" and "I Love New York," the campaign is one of the most successful in the history of tourism.

3 years ago

New York City Releases New Transit Map for Superbowl Attendees

Super Bowl attendees will need more than this map to navigate the region's far from well-designed transit network. However, this and MTA's Weekender map show a slowly improving design sensibility within the transit agencies.

3 years ago