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Fewer Spirit Airlines Flyers Are Interested in Paying Fees

It seems like flyers may never get used to being nickel-and-dimed for basic amenities by low-cost carriers like Spirit Airlines.

6 months ago

Spirit Air’s New CEO Wants to Emulate Ryanair’s Profitable Attitude Adjustment

The Spirit CEO's vision is for low fares on cramped planes that are clean and run on time. These sort of changes are heavy-lifting for a growing airline and would muffle some complaints but might not be enough to really change the airline's reputation.

9 months ago

Southwest CEO on How a Maturing Airline Can Keep Its Competitive Mojo

With American and Delta increasingly matching Spirit's low fares, Southwest will find it difficult to maintain any low-fare advantage that it still has. Still, Southwest has a lot going for it and its growth opportunities both within the U.S. and internationally are abundant.

11 months ago

Why Spirit Air CEO Respects Delta’s Aggressive Basic Economy Strategy

Spirit's Baldanza has a lot of respect for Delta's management, and Baldanza and the Spirit model are widely respected within the airline industry. With legacy carriers getting much more aggressive about matching Spirit's fares, the ultra low-cost carrier is definitely feeling it but Baldanza insists that Spirit can take a punch.

11 months ago

Airline Fare Wars Ending Historic Stock Rally

Ah, the Golden Age of airline financials may have run its course despite low fuel prices. That was quick.

12 months ago

Spirit Airlines Facing the Heat From Those Fare-Matching Legacy Carriers

Spirit is facing substantial competitive pressures over the short term as legacy carriers try to take away its price advantages. A lot of the outcome depends on who blinks first.

12 months ago

Spirit Beats Wall Street Expectations in Third Quarter

12 months ago

American Wants to Compete With Spirit on Fares and Wall Street Isn’t Happy

American would be turning a blind eye to half of its business if it didn't figure out a more effective way to compete with Spirit and other low-cost carriers.

12 months ago

United Airlines Isn’t Doing Well in Las Vegas As Airport Sees 4 Million Passengers in August

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas saw healthy passenger growth in August, with the largest increases from international flights.

1 year ago