Articles tagged “sequestration”

Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s 2013 Sales Declined on Sequestration Impact

CWT characterizes its 2013 financial performance as "strong," but even excluding the impact of U.S. government sequestration the company's sales volume and transactions were flat.

3 years ago

The U.S. Government Is Using Airline Security Fees to Fill Budget Gaps

The attitude in Congress seems to be: Hey, lets solve the budget impasses by taxing travelers some more. After all, they aren't organized, and we can sneak these new taxes through. But if air travel is a stimulator of the economy, then Congress may be shooting itself in the foot.

3 years ago

White House Tours To Resume On Reduced Schedule

White House tours for the public were a victim of sequestration earlier this year. They are making a comeback now on a reduced schedule, but their future is a sketchy as the prospects of Republicans and Democrats coming to an agreement on the next budget deal.

3 years ago