Cairo Subway Thrives Although Unrest Has Touched It As Well

The Cairo Metro is a city below the city and mostly it really works.

Rail Retailer Thetrainline.com Changes Hands Between Private Equity Firms

KKR sees an opportunity here for either a bigger IPO down the road or building something bigger.

Investor Interest Grows for Startups Looking to Simplify Rail Booking

Up until recently, the ease and sophistication of bookings for hotels and flights far surpassed that of ground transportation, creating a small but growing market of entrepreneurs looking to solve the unsexy problem of back-end complexity and one-step transactions.

Amtrak Reports Record Revenue Amid Fight for Federal Funding

Amtrak is stuck in a bit of catch-22: It must prove to federal officials that it is making significant product and infrastructure improvements worthy of funding, but it needs funding (or profits) to fully reach its potential.

Concur Adds Multi-Modal Transport Options From Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio surfaces transport options from ridesharing to rail that represent the future of business travel. Concur is smart to get on board early.

Germany’s Labor Fights Demonstrate Europe’s Transport Challenges

With Lufthansa striking and the rail lines striking too, it's clear that Germany needs to improve labor relations on the low end sot that the high end of protected workers won't be the only ones striking.

Resort’s Attempt to Bring Luxury Rail Line to West Virginia Fails

Even destinations best suited for high-end rail travel are seeing little demand for this romantic transportation mode, making the resort's idea a pipe dream from the start.

Electronic Device Usage On Buses Leaves Airlines Way Behind

Intercity bus service in the U.S. is not only a nice alternative for budget-concscious travelers, but Wi-Fi and other tech features can make for a very connected and productive ride.

Proposed Republican Budget Would End Amtrak Subsidies, Kill Brand USA, Rein In TSA

Paul Ryan isn't winning many friends in the business travel community. There are efficiencies to be gained across the federal government, but eliminating Amtrak operating subsidies or terminating Brand USA would be short-sighted and detrimental not only to the travel industry, but to the U.S. economy.

High-Speed Rail in Texas to Fill Void Left by Removal of Love Field Restrictions

Texas isn't satisfied with its airline service, and is looking to launch some bullet trains between big cities to take up the slack when airlines have much grander routes on their minds.