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Uber’s Self-Driving Cars to Start Transporting Passengers in Pittsburgh

Self-driving cars -- with passengers. Uber will start to test them and also announced it has acquired technology startup Otto, which focuses on self-driving trucks. Uber's vision is obviously multi-modal.

2 months ago

US Airways to Skip Birth-City Pittsburgh For Final Flight

The hubbub is about US Airways dissing Pittsburgh, its birthplace, by not stopping there on its ceremonial final flight on Oct. 16. American Airlines says it will skip Pittsburgh because it isn't an American Airlines Group hub.

1 year ago

VisitPittsburgh Rolls Out New Marketing Campaign Focused on Local

Pittsburgh has improved quality of life for its residents by huge strides and it's interesting to see how it will use those gains to draw visitors as well.

2 years ago

Interview: Why Visit Pittsburgh CEO’s Job Has Become Easier

Pittsburgh needs more hotels and better meeting space but at least now people really want to visit, which is the biggest hurdle.

2 years ago

Are Political Conventions a Bust for Host Cities?

The verdict on many political conventions is that they bring in a lot of hotel and restaurant business, often hurt smaller businesses, and provide little that is sustainable for the future. That's a calculation that prospective host cities have to consider.

2 years ago

Pittsburgh Launches Bus Tour of Film Set Locations

Movie shoot locations are attracting tourists in the most unlikely of destinations so Philly is smart to offer its already present visitor base a reason to stay longer or return soon.

2 years ago

Pittsburg’s Old-School Yellow Cab Company Wants to Be a Disruptor Like Lyft

Better than criticizing new services like the Yellow Cab president has in the past, he plans to get even -- pending city approval.

3 years ago

Changing Airline Economics Leave Pittsburgh Pining for More Non-Stop Service

Pittsburgh is representative of several midsize cities in the U.S. whose daily flights were cut by more than half as rising gas prices mandated airlines let go of smaller planes and slower routes.

3 years ago

The 11 Tourism Boards That Use Twitter Like a Real-Time Concierge

Destinations should be heavily investing in real-time social engagement to build brand awareness, improve visitors' experiences, and share meaningful content that fuels inspiration. Destinations that don't are missing out.

3 years ago

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Says Lyft Is ‘Something We Want to See’

Pittsburgh has recently found some smart solutions to transform from an old economy to a new one. Perhaps it can solve some sharing economy problems other cities have failed to do.

3 years ago

Pittsburgh Airport Looks to Emirates Air and Lower Fees to Halt Falling Traffic

Landing fees need to be cut before Pittsburgh sees any halt to the decline of its airport business.

3 years ago

US Airways Moving Pittsburgh Airport Flight Operations to Dallas

Closure of US Airways' flight operations center at Pittsburgh International Airport is the human cost of "synergies."

3 years ago