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Philadelphia’s New Conventions CEO on Reinventing Old Meetings Ideas

Convention bureaus are shifting their priorities to connect more people from disparate backgrounds, cultures and industries in an effort to drive new business development, competitive advantage, and knowledge sharing.

8 months ago

Philadelphia Is the First UNESCO World Heritage City in the U.S.

Few U.S. cities offer the mix of history, culture, food, and livability as Philly. We are biased, but we will say UNESCO has a winner.

12 months ago

Pope Tourism Turns Floors and Couches Into Coveted Sleeping Spots

Big events and sleeping on the floor: It's like reliving the early days of Airbnb all over again. We can't wait to see the Pope-related travel startup that this leads to.

1 year ago

Philadelphia Legalizes Airbnb Before Historic Pope Visit

It's great that people won't have to break the law to see the pope, but it will be interesting to see how Philadelphia's laissez faire approach will pan out over the long term.

1 year ago