InterContinental Claims Early Success in Latest Direct Booking Push

Growth may be small at this stage but it shows that IHG is making some inroads into cutting its dependency on online travel agencies.

State of Online Travel Agencies: Ctrip Joins Priceline and Expedia as Global Giant

Ctrip continues to be a rising star, indeed. One thing to note is that not all gross bookings are created equal, though. In 2015, Priceline Group dominated Expedia in profitability: Net income of $2.5 billion versus $765 million.

Qunar Gets Offer From Private Equity Firm to Go Private

The tumultuous times in Chinese booking sites continue as brands, investors, and consumers still struggle to fully understand the market.

TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking Push May Signal Larger Trend in Booking Behavior

Does a dramatic reduction in outbound traffic from online travel agency sites mean they are getting stickier or are they perhaps consciously retaliating against hotel-chain websites for direct-booking campaigns? Or is something else up?

Travel Budgets Have Peaked as Share of Consumer Wallet, Growth to Cool Down

Who will win in the book-direct campaigns by chains such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and others to steal share from the online travel agencies? The question misses the point and would be better phrased as whether it will it be the hotel chains or online travel agencies that gain the upper hand during which phase of the economic cycle.

Airbnb’s Impact on Online Travel Agencies and Hotels Is Different Than You Thought

The big question on everyone's mind is what will happen if and when the market takes another downturn. And if it does, who will have the upper hand? Airbnb? The online travel agencies? Or the hotels?

The Never-Before-Disclosed Details About the Birth of Online Travel

We're not giving away all the good stuff. You still need to read the entire thing.

Online Travel Booking Grows in China, But Traditional Agents Still Dominate

Even though we're only talking about booking sites having 20 percent penetration in China, that's still a big number--between 30 to 40 million people--that continue to grow more accepting towards booking sites and the Internet on which they live.

Momondo Group Notches $30 Million in Q1 Revenue, Thinks It’s Entered Top Tier

Momondo Group is still a relatively small fish in a big pond when measured against the larger, global metasearch players. Still, the Group, with its dual-brand approach and increased investment, is obtaining some scale -- 95 million visits during the first quarter of 2016 -- and is becoming part of the conversation.

Expedia CEO Says Facebook Will Emerge as an Online Travel Booking Threat

E-commerce isn't easy, but neither is building up a large audience to sell to. Facebook has a wealth of the latter, so even if it doesn't do a great job selling to its audience, it can still sell a ton of travel. On the other hand, many travel brands launched booking engines on Facebook several years ago and abandoned them for lack of use.