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Japan’s Major Airports Try to Cater Better to Muslim Travelers

Last year's experiment in Osaka are leading to changes at airports around the country.

2 years ago

Perpetual Conflict Between Japan Air Lines and ANA Flares Up Again

3 years ago

20 Top Airports for International Travel to and From the U.S.

Simply put, the increased traffic is a healthy sign for both inbound and outbound tourism activity in the U.S.

3 years ago

Flying the new ANA’s 787 Dreamliner from San Jose to Tokyo, nevermind safety issues

The much-lobbied-for and awaited inaugural San Jose to Tokyo's Narita took off the same day that FAA announced more investigation into Boeing Dreamliner's safety.

4 years ago

Tokyo Narita makes arrivals easier with iPads and foreign-language specialists

The number of iPads on the ground is slim (only 6), but Narita's language and wayfaring apps are impressive, as are the old-school badges that identify staff as foreign language speakers.

4 years ago