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Experts Analyzed Travel Patterns to Predict Zika’s Next Landing Spots

As Zika outbreaks hit parts of Florida and Singapore, experts are predicting that the next stops could be China, India and Nigeria. These are just predictions, though, because Zika has been around for decades and populations may have already developed immunity to the disease.

2 months ago

Amid Nigerian Currency Crisis, At Least One Airline is Finally Getting Paid

This might be too little, too late. Some major airlines, including United, have slashed flights to Nigeria because they could not repatriate ticket revenues. Those flights likely won't come back any time soon.

4 months ago

United Cancels Its Only Flight to Africa

United Airlines has cancelled its route to Nigeria now that the country's oil business is reeling.

5 months ago

Starwood Plans to Open 16 Hotels in Africa Over Next Five Years

16 hotels in five years is playing it rather safe.

1 year ago

Marriott Planning Up to 50 New Hotels in Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt

Marriott is making a bet that Egypt will solve its problems and Nigeria's growing wealth will eventually drown out its unrest.

2 years ago

Nigeria Lays the Groundwork for National Carrier and New Aviation Program

Nigeria is poised to emerge as western Africa's premier air hub. It just needs the planes and better airports to make this a reality.

2 years ago

Nigeria’s Transcorp Hotels to Use IPO Proceeds to Expand Luxury Properties

Despite unrest, there's no sense in sitting on the sidelines in one of Africa's fastest growing economies.

2 years ago

Starwood Plans 50% Growth in African Portfolio Following Promising Signs

The percentage boost is big, but the African investments of Starwood and other hotel brands is still tiny compared to the buildout in countries in Asia.

2 years ago

African Tourism Continues to Slide on Ebola Fears, Despite Geographic Realities

It's unfortunate that health concerns in one corner of a very large continent are causing ripple effects thousands of miles away.

2 years ago

IATA Tells Airlines to Not Cut Service to Ebola-Hit Destinations

It is good to see IATA not fan the flames of paranoia here.

2 years ago

Sheraton Hotel in Nigeria Targeted in Terrorist Attack

Interception of the plans will help the two Sheraton hotels in Lagos to take extra security steps to prevent the potential attack.

2 years ago

Nigeria Aviation Minister Creates Furor Saying Crashes Acts of God

Nigerian Airlines' relationships with the aviation ministry have been frayed amidst charges of corruption, and the aviation minister's comments aren't exactly a confidence-builder.

3 years ago