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NASA Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Jet Travel

There's certainly demand for faster coast-to-coast and intercontinental flights. But airlines and aircraft manufacturers don't seem to want to develop the technology that could make it happen.

8 months ago

Pilot Shortage the Focus of Black Astronaut Reunion

The market will eventually fix the upcoming pilot shortage and the lack of young recruits. Pay them more than McDonald's-like wages to begin their careers and they will be their to join the ranks.

1 year ago

SpaceX Rocket Erupts in Latest Setback for NASA

NASA is counting on privatization to be the answer for supply deliveries and eventually astronauts to orbiting labs. This was the third failed lab shipment in the past eight months and fortunately it wasn't manned.

1 year ago

Internet Billionaires Fight to Take Control of NASA Astronaut-Taxi Service

Leasing the launchpad would give private companies Blue Origin and SpaceX a significant competitive advantage in the race to launch commercial space trips. The agency is expected to select a winner by October 1.

3 years ago

Mars travel looks like faraway prospect due to excessive radiation

If Mars travel is on your bucket list, buy a new bucket. The expected radiation dose for astronauts and cosmonauts contemplating the journey is going to be a huge barrier to entry.

3 years ago

Private U.S. company is shooting for manned moon travel by 2020

The price tag of the hoped-for human payloads heading to the moon is a bit hefty, but perhaps the company will get to the point where off-peak discounts will come into play.

4 years ago

NASA shuttle prototype suffers minor Sandy damage at Intrepid museum in NYC

The Enterprise's minor damage is hardly a footnote compared with the hurt that Superstorm Sandy put on residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

4 years ago