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Vacation Rentals Outpaced Hotels in Myrtle Beach Tourism

As Myrtle Beach goes, so goes the nation? TripAdvisor's citing of Myrtle Beach as a top summer destination contributed to the bottom line this summer for the lodging industry, and visitors increasingly saw vacation rentals over hotels as an attractive option.

2 years ago

What Happens After Hotel Impossible’s Cameras Leave

Selling the property seems like the best idea for both the owners and future guests.

2 years ago

South Carolina Tourism Officials Mull Impact of North’s Brutal Winter

Northern schools may stay open later to make up for snow days leading to a slow season start, but officials hope northerners' longing for the sun will lead to a stronger season overall.

3 years ago

How An Airport’s Revenue Guarantee to An Airline Backfired

Every community wants it: An airline that decides to bring in tourists to the local airport. But, the economics of revenue guarantees to airlines can get very complicated if the parties don't know what they are doing.

3 years ago