Great Wall of China Designates Special Section for Tourists’ Graffiti

Graffiti is a problem for historic monuments worldwide and a special section is a smart solution that could likely become an attraction in its own right.

Israel Takes Action to Save Ancient Sites from Earthquakes

Natural disasters are a threat to historical and natural attractions worldwide, and the governments that profit from them must be proactive in protecting them.

Italy Tries to Save Pompeii from Natural Decay and Mafia Corruption

Back in March, the Italian and EU governments found that mafia corruption of Pompeii's maintenance was responsible for much of the decay. They'll be keeping a closer eye on restoration efforts now, or they'll risk losing one of the nation's biggest draws.

American war monuments too expensive to restore are left to decay

These historic monuments would not be so easily forgotten if they attracted tourism or made a profit, but communities are hesitant to fund expensive renovations with low expectations for a ROI.

Obama designates 5 new monuments as sequester eats away at national parks

The timing of the announcement is ironic in the midst of sequester chaos, but nonetheless important after the latest Congress failed to approve a single wilderness area for the first time since the 1960s.

Bolivia mining town takes on both Rio and New York City with giant statue of Virgin

The kitschy statue has put this small town on the map, but can the hype of the virgin and the accompanying carnival meet expectations?

Hollywood sign receives a rigorous restoration prior to its 90th anniversary

The Hollywood icon is as important to inspiring tourism in California as any media campaign. Images help tourists imagine a destination and prompts them to eventual book that trip.

Maya are banned from holding ceremonies at the temples their ancestors built

Tourists’ safety and structure stability are touted as reasons for the ceremonial bans, but the government is actually looking out for the needs of vendors around money-making tourist attractions.

A piece of the archeological site in Pompeii crumbles after days of heavy rain

Tourism is a mixed blessing for sites like this that rely on the revenue for conservation efforts, but also undergo heavy wear and tear from tours in addition to natural forces of deterioration.

Macedonia divided over monuments meant to restore cultural capital

The rapid construction of landmarks is hoped to restore the capital, but residents believe its rushed results are tacky and resources would have been better used improving city infrastructure.