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7 preventable travel scams that still trip up travel pros

Even Lonely Planet's U.S. editor has been bamboozled on the road and he recommends all travelers be aware of these common, kind of obvious, set-ups including hidden fees, fake bags, and greedy Elmos.


Salary survey: What hotel workers in the Middle East make in 2012

Numbers were more positive this year, but the survey respondents almost unanimously agreed that line staff were underpaid and that the blame for the lower wages was due to hotel owners being reluctant to raise wages.


The 10 best free attractions in the United States

Solid picks for a budget summer, but travelers will likely be drawn this year to places that let them find respite from the searing heat.


TripAdvisor says that Hanoi is the cheapest spot for a traveler’s night out, London most expensive

TripAdvisor's focus on costs for tourists gives its list more value to travelers than the traditional "most expensive" lists aimed largely at expats looking to live like their still in their home country.


Biz traveler hotel and airline costs increase in the U.S.

With more business travelers back on the road prices are inching back up to deal with the demand.


Tokyo is the most expensive city for American expatriate business people

Since cost-of-living surveys like this operate from the assumption that U.S. business people will want the same types of goods an services abroad (from brand names to speciality schooling), they often are a pooor guide for what things will cost for visitors.


Managing multiple currencies with a prepaid travel card

New banking solutions allow customers to split pre-paid cards into multiple currency "buckets" to better manage exchange rates and foreign transaction fees.


The 6 most over-priced airports in the U.S.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics' numbers crunchers point to prices from $50 to $158 higher than these markets should have.


The 5 best credit cards for travelers

Chase's Sapphire card comes out on top in terms of points, flexibility, and foreign transaction fees.