Missing MH370 Flight Spurred Airline Tracking And Safety Changes

Everything is moving so slowly around the disappearance of flight MH370, including the implementation of safety reforms and the search for the missing plane.

2 Years After MH 370 Disappearance, Malaysia Airlines Is Finding Its Way

After a double tragedy Malaysia Air couldn't take half measures to save itself. It appears that it didn't.

Changes Are Coming to Keep Planes From Vanishing, But the Pace is Slow

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has prompted a slew of changes to aviation standards, but it will be years before they are all enacted.

New EU Black Box Rules Seek to Prevent Future Missing Airliners

The time it will take to implement this is a stark reminder of how slowly the aviation industry moves.

Wing Fragment Is From Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Say Experts

It would have been great if the airlines had made more progress on a flight tracking system over this last year.

Suspected Flight MH370 Wing Flap Now in France for Analysis

It will be great to have an end to this tragic story.

Debris Matching Missing Malaysia Air Aircraft Type Found in Indian Ocean

We'll wait to see what the researchers have to say.

Search Area for Missing MH 370 Flight Is About to Get Bigger

We aren't convinced the leaders making the choices here have any idea what they're doing.

Asian Aviation Boom Creating Safety Challenges Across the Region

Problems with regulators and safety training point to where the problem starts here, and that's with airline leadership too eager to expand and governments that to inept or outclassed to do their duty for passengers.