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Marriott Partners With TED Talks for In-Room, Social Media and Live Programming

All travelers can already access more than 2,200 TED Talks online. Marriott and TED will need to differentiate the content enough to make it compelling for guests and loyalty members to want to tap into, as well as market it effectively.

2 months ago

Las Vegas Will Get Its First Non-Stop Flights to Beijing in December

The new Hainan Airlines service will help boost Las Vegas' gambling operations and drive higher convention attendance from Asia.

3 months ago

Democratic Delegates Cramming Philadelphia Hotel Rooms as Rates Soar

We'd bet there are plenty of Democratic convention delegates staying in apartment and home rentals in Philly next week while many are sharing hotel rooms. Has the sharing economy made hotels soften their rates? Not much evidence of it yet.

3 months ago

Cleveland Tourism Cautiously Optimistic Midway Through Republican Convention

Destination Cleveland raised the bar on integrated web and social media content to promote the city to visiting delegates and convention planners around the globe.

3 months ago

Airbnb’s Potential Impact on Hotels During the Republican and Democratic Conventions

The upcoming Republican and Democratic national conventions may prove to be ideal case studies for whether or not Airbnb can have the potential to disrupt lucrative hotel compression night rates. And if Airbnb does make a mark on hotel rates, hotels will have to seriously rethink their strategies around the monopoly they once had with citywide meetings and events.

4 months ago

Airbnb Explains Its Strategic Move Into the Meetings and Events Industry

Airbnb can't compete directly with hotels for meetings business in terms of product, but it will be able to grab market share in the future by offering a degree of personalization that hotels can't match.

4 months ago

Airport Cities Are Knowledge Sharing Machines — Meetings Innovation Report

The city and convention of the future are international, interdisciplinary knowledge sharing machines marrying live and virtual engagement.

4 months ago

The Rise of Civic Tech and Its Impact on Meetings, Conventions and Tourism

The CitizenLab platform fills the need in conventions today for an affordable, scalable community engagement tool connecting conference delegates and exhibitors with local citizens and policy makers.

5 months ago

What London and San Francisco Know About Business and Innovation That Other Cities Don’t

The annual A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index shows destinations their competitive positioning on a worldwide basis to inform their strategy to attract more corporate investment and business events.

5 months ago

Skift CMO Interviews: Las Vegas Invests in Virtual Reality, Lifestyle Content to Attract Conventions

Destinations have traditionally undervalued the ability of meetings-specific website content to drive convention attendance, but Las Vegas is attempting to do just that with an integrated, high-tech content delivery platform.

6 months ago

Airbnb and the Sharing Economy Are Energizing the Knowledge Economy

Airbnb and other room-sharing companies have the ability to drive increased attendance to conventions, but there seems to be a lack of awareness among many planners about the overall user experience and value proposition.

6 months ago

These Hilton Hotels Have Meeting Group Sales Down to a Science in Chicago

If hotels want to book more meetings and events, they need to know how to speak the specific industry language of the events and planners they’re working with.

7 months ago