Google Maps’ Local Guides Program Brings Community Focus to Traveler Reviews

Google Maps needed a serious refresh to remain relevant not just in mapping, but also in reviews as travelers look for fresher content that's visually stimulating and easily navigable.

Uber Chooses TomTom to Supply Map, Traffic Data to Drivers Globally

Uber is the latest Silicon Valley giant to buddy up with TomTom after Apple extended its licensing agreement with the mapping company earlier this year. Google's likely feeling a little lonely, but certainly not forgotten.

Google Maps Goes Offline With New Features

Google remains light years ahead of the competition when it comes to mapping.

Google Faces UK Court Case Over Anti-Competitive Moves in Mapping

Whether or not Google used its dominance to favor itself over other mobile mapping players, the other companies never really stood a chance anyways.

Interactive Mapping Services Are the Next Hot Acquisition Targets

The new travel sector and allied companies like Airbnb and Uber are investing big in their mapping capabilities, as that forms the key base layer for them. Will other older travel tech companies ever follow?

Report: Uber Is Bidding for Nokia’s Here Mapping Unit

Very smart move by Uber to take control of its ability to navigate destinations without relying on others.

Buying Waze Should Have Been ‘No-Brainer’ for Apple, Says Uber Investor

While we may not always agree with Gurley about Uber's valuation, we agree with him here. But still, of course, wonder if Apple wouldn't have mucked up the map integration as they have all other map-related things.

Using Mobile to Connect With the New Silent Traveler

Among the value propositions that stand to place local discovery at the head of the pack for mobile-first consumers, curation is certainly part of the equation.

The Paper Map Companies That Just Won’t Quit

There are of course many people who still use paper maps. But that number is shrinking rapidly and isn't coming back.

Yahoo’s New Maps Put ‘Emotionally Pleasant’ Routes Before Fast Ones

Great idea but a few hurdles: 1) making people care about Yahoo, 2) trading speed for beauty on the road is a hard proposition for some.