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Marriott Reminds Guests That Tipping Housekeeping Is a Good Idea

It may be right that it's the hotel chain's job to pay more, but they won't. You should leave $5 a night, with or without an envelope. A note saying "Thank you" can't hurt either.

2 years ago

VisitBritain Tells Hoteliers How Not to Offend Their Guests

It would be interesting if VisitBritain had a similar list for outbound tourists.

3 years ago

The International Airlines That Already Offer In-Flight Phone Calls and Texting

The controversy about in-flight voice calls on U.S. airlines may be overstated. Foreign airlines have been allowing it for years, and there hasn't been a huge problem. Most passengers prefer texting and email anyway.

3 years ago

Chinese officials grapple with negative perception of Chinese tourists

While there are high-profile cases of Chinese tourists behaving badly, criticism within China is greater than in the countries that are retraining tourism and hospitality staff so that the growing wave of Chinese visitors feels welcome.

3 years ago