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Read Skift’s in-depth coverage of the world of travel loyalty. Discover the latest news about airline loyalty programs, hotel loyalty programs, points strategies, and other programs that vie for repeat consumer business.


The four best travel loyalty programs and how to buy your way in

Don't spend all your time flying back and forth when you can get premier status for a fraction of the cost.

Business Travel

10 smart tips from a corporate travel manager that rogue travelers already know

Travel managers can provide certain perks, but smart independent travelers can get similar deals and keep all the loyalty rewards for themselves -- one reason more business travelers are going rogue.

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American Airlines and Priceline team up to relegate other OTAs to the middle seats

Online travel agencies playing by American Airlines' rules are becoming the haves and the others are becoming the have nots. And, with Preferred Seats, casual travelers who don't turn to Priceline will be relegated to positions toward the rear of the plane.


Starwood invests in its most profitable Starwood Preferred Guests

Starwood will wisely continue to pour money into Starwood Preferred Guests and its most loyal members because they are driving profits. Too bad online travel agencies don't actually operate hotels -- they'd then have better luck at discovering the loyalty gene.

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How Southwest airlines makes so much money from fees — even checked bag fees

Bag fees are not against Southwest's religion and, with the acquisition of checked-bag-fee charging AirTran, management is undoubtedly mulling whether to see the green light.

How Southwest airlines makes so much money from fees — even checked bag fees


22.6 billion reasons why airlines can’t wean themselves off fees

The U.S. is the most aggressive region in the world when it comes to ancillary revenue, with seven of the top 10 airlines in ancillary revenue totals. However, Asia-Pacific, with carriers such as AirAsia, Tiger Airways and Jetstar, is certainly no slouch.

22.6 billion reasons why airlines can’t wean themselves off fees


No-expiration miles are going to expire after all, says American

Rocking the boat while going through a bankruptcy is unusual for an airline. And how many such frequent flyers are there anyway?

Online Travel

Social media power users can turn activity into loyalty points at MGM Resorts

Finally, a way to make social media addiction pay. Every location-based update a user makes to linked social media accounts -- no matter the number of followers they have -- gives them loyalty points equal to what spending $20 does.


Most nations visited: Hillary Clinton sets a new record for a U.S. Secretary of State

Clinton's current count is at 102 countries visited and she still has six months to rack up more stamps on her passport. If only she got loyalty points for her air miles ...


How one company helps airlines decide who gets treated well and who has to pay

As airlines get better at passenger profiling they will drive greater loyalty among frequent flyers, but they should make sure the the gap between high-flyer and leisure traveler isn't so wide that potential customers get turned off.