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Britain’s Border Force just can’t get its act together at Heathrow

You can't fail this often for so long without really, really trying. PM David Cameron needs to beg qualified Border Force officials to return and show his team how to run things.


Big arrests and inconvenient alerts in run up to the London Olympics

The actions today tell two different stories about Olympics security: One about a nation high alert that won't suffer small indiscretions and the other that may root out small-time players to keep everyone else on their toes.


Bumbling U.K. Home Office still can’t prevent long lines at Heathrow

Heathrow's operator BAA is taking the flack for the airport's dreadfully long line, but its entirely the responsibility of utter incompetence in the British Home Office.


David Cameron thinks the Olympics will generate £13 billion over next 4 years

Despite some worrisome early numbers, we won't know whether London '12 will be a Barcelona '92 or a Montreal '76 until some months after the games conclude.


Will London’s Olympic park kill the city’s tech industry?

City planners and developers love to throw around the promise of a hot industry moving into a location, but unless there are real benefits to encourage uprooting, there's no reason for London's current crop of tech stars to leave Shoreditch.


Thomas Cook cuts Olympic ticket and hotel packages by 50%

Despite the promises that Olympic business is brisk, it's becoming more likely that the committee's carefully orchestrated release of rooms and events tickets has not worked as planned.


London Olympics is a big huge tourist bust. Or not.

We may not know what the reality is until much after the games have ended, as collecting data for huge events like Olympics always takes a long time, sometimes even years. But trust London to mess up a good thing going.


London’s airport wars get hotter as mayor supports second Stansted runway

There's nothing like a good fight between a Prime Minister and a Mayor over airport development to highlight the difficulties of making genuinely smart decisions about transport development.


Emirates Airline cable car service opens in London

Will the new service become an indispensable part of London's transit system or come to be seen as a a monorail for the current generation?


Uber’s big-time London gamble had big-time competition

The uber-urge to expand, especially with the amount of money pumped into Uber, could make or break the company. London's the biggest test so far.