LGBT Tourism Is Still Resilient After a Year of Milestones and Setbacks

It's been a year of triumphs and also, unfortunately, more challenges for LGBT travelers. One truth that Orlando underscored is that the LGBT travel market is one of the most resilient and is not easily deterred from traveling and celebrating their community.

6 Charts Showing State of LGBT Travel in the U.S.

When planning marketing campaigns for the LGBT community it's important to remember that each letter of the acronym represents a different identity. Each identity has its own travel preferences just like any other group, from where they prefer to stay to where they like to spend their money.

Spain Embraces Gay Tourism Despite Conservative Politics

Spending, as wall as familiarity, tends to break down the walls of intolerance.

Massive Gamers’ Convention Still May Leave Indianapolis Over LGBT Laws

Taking a principled stand is never a bad idea.

How to Improve LGBT Tourism Marketing Efforts, According to a City That Knows

Many U.S. destinations have teams in places like China and Brazil working to attract those visitors so why can't they have an LGBT marketing staff member?

Behind Marriott’s Long Legacy of Support for LGBT Travel

Marriott has been ramping up its marketing efforts targeting LGBT customers while also promoting its internal advocacy for the LGBT community.

Travel Brands Love That Same-Sex Marriage is Now Law of the Land

Some travel brands have been at the forefront of LGBT travel for years and deserve to be recognized for getting out ahead of the mainstream. But this ruling of course opens the flood gates to wedding tourism in more states, and tourism boards will have their hands full planning for more LGBT travelers.

Skift Report, Now Free To Download: The Big Business of LGBT Travel

This historic U.S. decision will be a monumental boost to the already very lucrative LGBT travel market. Understand the key trends, get the report now for free!

Delta Air Lines First Major Carrier to Help Gay Employees With Health Care Taxes

Kudos to Delta for stepping up on this issue and putting some dollars behind an advocacy for gay equality.

W Hotels Throws Its Support Behind Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

The "What's New & Next" brand positioning at W Hotels has always embraced inclusivity and diversity, but it's never been this vocal about it before.