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Three low-cost U.S. airlines are great places to work

Despite the protections that legacy carriers promise their pilots and crew, Southwest, JetBlue, and AirTran rated higher for employee satisfaction. Delta fared the best of the old guard.


Cruises make an awkward appearance on Broadway

Royal Caribbean paid its own way to the Tony awards on Sunday night with a performance that was broadcast from sea -- with non-union actors -- that was then followed by an advertisement during a commercial break.


Vegas casino and resort wants its employees to reapply for their jobs

While Revel, the resort, argues that the re-applications have to do with making workers "less complacent," they aren't doing the same with executive suite that's much easier to get comfortable in.


American Airlines’ pilots union faces legal setback on contract issue

The beleaguered airline sees a rare win as it fights to keep the pilots' union from gaining ground during its bankruptcy process.


Protests strike a blow to Nepal’s tourism sector

As Nepal's strikes turn violent, European and Indian trekkers are turning away from the nation. Tour operators fear it will take more than a calming to bring them back.


Southwest reaches accord with dispatchers and avoids prolonged labor dispute

Everything's coming up roses for the LUV airline: They can even negotiate contracts with their employees without damaging front-page news.


Union uses OSHA suggestions to put pressure on Hyatt

A union battling the Hyatt change for the first new contract since 2009 is pointing to OSHA suggestions for worker safety to garner attention for its cause.


Modern tourism has ruined cruising

As cruises have changed from a way to get between destinations into what you can eat and consume between destinations, one writer laments the passage of time.


Carnival UK boss provides enough quotes to start a class war

Cruise lines can provide basement-level prices by paying their Eastern European and Asian crews wages that are out of whack with their relatively well-off clientele. But Carnival UK's CEO may very well ruin it with his defense of 75 pence-an-hour pay.


Atlantic City’s flashy new Revel property must contend with organized labor

The new Revel property seeks to unseat Borgata as the gaming and entertainment property of choice in Atlantic City, but it will need more than sold-out shows by Beyonce to reckon with the unions that aren't happy about its un-organized work force.