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CEO Interview: JetBlue Founder’s Future With Azul Airlines and TAP Portugal

When David Neeleman was pushed out of JetBlue Airways, the carrier he founded, in 2007, it wasn't clear he would have a next act. But Neeleman, who now controls two airlines, is doing just fine.

3 weeks ago

JetBlue and Alaska Fight Over Rights to Fly to Havana

JetBlue is surprisingly feisty in this filing, considering airlines ask for and receive extensions all the time. But Alaska is a major competitor of JetBlue's, so maybe that explains it.

3 weeks ago

JetBlue Thinks Bigger Planes as It Considers Longer Flights

JetBlue is in a tough spot. If it wants to fly to Europe, the easy move is to add A321LRs since it already flies a version of that plane. But the A321LR will be range-limited, so perhaps it's time for JetBlue to take a chance and add widebodies.

1 month ago

JetBlue’s CFO Is Retiring After 5 Years

Tripling growth in five years isn't a bad legacy to be associated with.

1 month ago

JetBlue Braces for Battle With Delta on Atlanta-Boston Route

JetBlue is returning to Atlanta after exiting the Delta hub in 2003 and likewise Delta doesn't want to play nice with JetBlue in its focus-city, Boston. Let the games begin -- or continue.

1 month ago

Cuba Sees U.S. Flights as Opportunity to Boost Tourism in Lesser Known Cities

Anyone who's been to Cuba in the past year has seen that many Cubans are eager for more U.S. tourists to visit the country. The flood gates have already opened and small cities, mostly unknown to foreigners, will struggle from lack of tourism infrastructure and understanding of U.S. travelers' expectations.

2 months ago

What Commercial Flights Between the U.S. and Cuba Mean to Frequent Flyers

Sure, other tourists have been coming to Cuba for decades. But even two years into the present detente, the significance of improved U.S.-Cuba relations should not be understated.

2 months ago

First Commercial Flight Between U.S. and Cuba in Half a Century to Fly Today

It's great to see the flight headed to a city outside of Havana as the secret to Cuba's success in the coming year or two will be getting visitors out of the major cities.

2 months ago

The Changing Face of Accelerators, the Travel Industry and Startup Opportunities

Artificial intelligence and messaging are the trends of the day that many startup accelerator programs are interested in but there is also plenty of opportunity for aviation-oriented startups, in particular, to swoop in and command the attention they deserve -- and airlines desperately need their help.

2 months ago

Kinder, Gentler Airlines Bring Back Free Snacks and Entertainment

When it comes to onboard perks, little things mean a lot. Free snacks -- and perish the thought, free meals -- plus in-flight entertainment without charge will go a long way toward engendering loyalty from passengers at the back of the plane. Smart moves by the airlines involved.

2 months ago

Southwest and JetBlue Loyalty Plans Are Best for Free Domestic Tickets Says Study

Southwest and JetBlue might have the cheapest redemptions, but savvy frequent flyers generally still find more value in programs offered by American, Delta, and United.

2 months ago

Zika Fears Contribute to Drop in Some Cruise and Airline Stocks

Zika is having a noticeable affect on the travel industry. We might see more travelers cancel, or decline to book, their vacations to tried-and-true destinations in the Caribbean.

3 months ago