The Changing Face of Accelerators, the Travel Industry and Startup Opportunities

Artificial intelligence and messaging are the trends of the day that many startup accelerator programs are interested in but there is also plenty of opportunity for aviation-oriented startups, in particular, to swoop in and command the attention they deserve -- and airlines desperately need their help.

Kinder, Gentler Airlines Bring Back Free Snacks and Entertainment

When it comes to onboard perks, little things mean a lot. Free snacks -- and perish the thought, free meals -- plus in-flight entertainment without charge will go a long way toward engendering loyalty from passengers at the back of the plane. Smart moves by the airlines involved.

Southwest and JetBlue Loyalty Plans Are Best for Free Domestic Tickets Says Study

Southwest and JetBlue might have the cheapest redemptions, but savvy frequent flyers generally still find more value in programs offered by American, Delta, and United.

Zika Fears Contribute to Drop in Some Cruise and Airline Stocks

Zika is having a noticeable affect on the travel industry. We might see more travelers cancel, or decline to book, their vacations to tried-and-true destinations in the Caribbean.

JetBlue will Add New Jets, While Eyeing Transatlantic routes

There's a big difference between talking about trans-Atlantic routes and actually starting them. But it seems JetBlue is taking the prospect of Europe seriously.

U.S. Carriers Should Re-Think Gutting Benefits for Their Most Loyal Flyers

Sometimes generosity and taking care of your most loyal customers gives a halo that is not immediately visible, but can have long-term benefits and end up saving your skin.

The All-You-Can-Fly Jet Service That May Have Found the Secret to Success

There have been so many startups trying to solve problems of frequent flyers and found little success. Surf Air's modest yet competent approach may be the solution some have been looking for.

JetBlue to Match Virgin America Flyers’ Points Balances

The points' match from JetBlue shows the extent to which the airline will go to compete with Virgin America, its soon-to-be-stronger adversary.

With Approval in Hand, U.S. Airlines Plan Their Entrances to Cuba

Many U.S. travelers are anxiously waiting for the day when a trip to Cuba feels effortless and streamlined. U.S. airlines and Cuban airports will face aviation challenges during the next year that we haven't seen in a long time.

U.S. to Cuba Commercial Flights Given Green Light by Obama Administration

It's great news for Cuba, but the rest of the Caribbean tourism industry is going to have to up its game.