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New Agreement Makes Tokyo-Bound Flights Better for U.S. Passengers

Sensible flights to an airport near Tokyo will likely have a bigger impact on business travel than people would assume.

8 months ago

The Best Global Airlines for On-Time Performance for January 2015

This is encouraging news for Asia-Pacific carriers but plenty still rank towards the bottom of the overall list with enormous average delay times. We're looking at you, Emirates.

2 years ago

Japan Airlines to Lower Fuel Surcharges, Matching Lower Fuel Prices

Fares may ultimately be lower in 2015, but most airlines will want to use this oil savings to cover deficits in their balance sheet for as long as they can get away with it.

2 years ago

JetBlue Announces Expanded Partnership with JAL on U.S. Domestic Routes

Look for more airlines to turn to codeshares with JetBlue as they seek alternatives to the American Airlines behemoth.

3 years ago