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Skift Originals goes on the offensive against UK rate-fixing allegations

The provisional decision in the UK about hotels' and OTAs' pricing practices is a shot heard round the world. If other countries pile on, the dollars at stake would be huge.


“We take competition law very seriously,” says IHG chief about price-fixing claims

Despite its involvement in the alleged activity, Expedia is off the hook since it's cooperating with the regulators rather than pushing back like IHG.


InterContinental to pay half billion dollar dividend and half billion share buyback, too

The move by IHG to shed real estate assets and focus entirely on management contracts has some upsides, but holding on to landmark properties has its benefits, too -- which is why smart people are eager to snap them up.


Will UK anti-competition ruling change the hotel pricing game?

If the ruling is upheld, then parroted elsewhere, we could see some interesting competition. But that’s a big “if,” as it calls into question whether a seller has the right to establish pricing of its own products through various retail channels.


Happy birthday Holiday Inn! Only two years until you get the AARP rate in your own hotels

From Tennessee back roads to Chinese mountains, the McDonalds of the hotel industry democratized hotel travel and continues to grow today, thanks to a $1 billion facelift in 2007.

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Britain’s Office of Fair Trading calls out Expedia and for anti-competitive practices

Small travel agencies have long complained that pricing agreements between large hotel chains and the OTAs limit how they can price rooms, and it looks like someone is finally listening.


IHG launches Hualuxe brand for Chinese travellers