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NYC Essex House to be bought for $375 million by Chicago’s Strategic Hotels

Essex House was owned by Jumeriah, part of Dubai Investment Group, for seven years and is the second notorious NYC hotel, following the Plaza's purchase last month, to switch hands this summer.


Groupon is bypassing Expedia to sell travel directly to consumers

In its direct-travel sales, Groupon could be taking a page out of Expedia's playbook -- partner with a company, learn the ropes, and eventually shut them out and do it on your own.

Groupon is bypassing Expedia to sell travel directly to consumers


Room rates in Moscow and Lagos are highest, but Latin America increasing fastest

While the financial crisis drags down room rates in Europe, big cities in Latin America are flexing their muscles and attracting business travelers who are paying higher room rates.


Israeli tourism has a record-breaking summer, up 8% from last year

The Israeli tourism minister’s call for growth within the hotel industry is smart: he'll need somewhere to put the thousands of travelers headed his way thanks to a the $400 New York to Tel Aviv tickets that El Al is honoring.


Research says hotels are turning away from social media marketing

This six-month study found that although hotels recognize marketing opportunities on social media, they are applying renewed focus on direct bookings and corporate partnerships for strategies they can measure.


Hotel and rental home occupancies in Turkish border province shoot up due to Syrian conflict

As journalists flock to the region and well-off Syrians flee their country to rent safer homes, the Turkish border province rebounds from a dip in tourism, but these are revenues they're eager to replace.


Hotel guests shouldn’t feel guilty about stocking up on the free high-end toiletries

More than half of surveyed travelers admit to taking home toiletries - but that's just fine with these upscale brands that want travelers to try (and get addicted to) their products.

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Priceline names its own challenges as discounting and mobile competition heat up

Priceline has stated for months that its growth rates would inevitably decline given the size of its business, and Expedia is apparently making some gains, too -- at least domestically.

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5 reasons why it doesn’t matter that Travelport has the world’s largest collection of hotels

Kudos to Travelport for doing the right things for travel agents in amassing 340,000 hotels in Travelport Rooms and More. But, that big number isn't going to move the needle for travelers using consumer sites to hunt for deals.

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A Scottish guesthouse owner sues TripAdvisor over business lost from a bad review

There will always be bad hotels and there will always be terrible guests. If TripAdvisor could easily advise readers of the former and weed out the latter they'd make customers happy and have the killer travel website everyone dreams about.