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TripAdvisor CEO Kaufer Defiantly Vows to Stay Committed to Instant Booking

Two headlines here: TripAdvisor CEO remains adamantly committed to Instant Booking -- and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He's still excited about his gig.

2 days ago

Airbnb’s Latest Investment Values It as Much as Hilton and Hyatt Combined

Is Airbnb's valuation for real? We'll have to wait for it to go public to see how it would really stack up against the market caps of major hotel chains.

1 week ago

New Skift Trends Report: The State of Alternative Accommodations 2016

The U.S. alternative accommodations market remains a one-horse race with Airbnb leading its rivals, but the brand's smart first-mover advantage has also turned it into the whipping boy for local tax authorities and hotel lobbies. This turbulent landscape leaves plenty of room for new consumer-facing brands but also opportunities across the broader alternative accommodations ecosystem.

2 weeks ago

Business Travelers Want Free Hotel Wi-Fi and Smart Power Outlets More Than Anything Else

We think there's plenty of opportunity for hotels to get more creative with the services they offer on their mobile apps, but they should also prioritize the basics: free, fast Wi-Fi and convenient, plentiful power outlets.

3 weeks ago

Singapore Has Lots of Tourists, But They’re the Wrong Kind

When your customer demo changes, there are often challenges. Singapore needs to be able to manage shifts if it wants to succeed long term.

3 weeks ago


Mastering Mobile Bookings: 4 Do’s and Don’ts for Hotels

Mobile is predicted to overtake desktop for online travel bookings; below are four tips for hotels to stay current in the ever-changing, mobile-first, booking environment.

4 weeks ago

Chinese Online Booking Giant Ctrip Readies Itself for Global Expansion

Like Chinese travelers, Ctrip is breaking out of its domestic shell and looking to become much more of an international player. There is vast potential for Ctrip still to take advantage of in China and then there is a whole wide world out there too as it begins to service customers outside of China. But can the company tackle both ambitions simultaneously? Ctrip has great partners -- 16,000 of them, actually -- to assist but the partners may also turn out to be formidable competitors, as well.

4 weeks ago

Las Vegas Bets on Chinese Tourism to Continue Its Winning Streak

Money talks, and increasingly, more tourists from China have the money to spend on travel to far-flung destinations like Las Vegas. While it's nice to see U.S. cities serving markets that have, historically, been underserved, it's a pity that they only pay attention to those groups when it comes to dollar signs. Also, it's not fair to lump in Chinese Americans as being part of the same demographic, or being the same type of traveler as those from China.

1 month ago

Latin America’s Top 20 Hotel Brands: Spotlight on Mexico

In Mexico, Latin America's largest hotel market is expected to keep on growing, thanks in part to the country being boosted by the U.S. economy.

1 month ago

Private Apartment Stays in Paris Partially Offset Hotel-Spending Drop

Negative publicity for a destination is always going to hurt tourism, so the downturn shouldn't come as a surprise. The biggest about-face in terms of visitation drops came from Japanese, Russian and Chinese tourists.

1 month ago


Hospitality Reenvisioned Through Data and Mobile

The digital transformation of hospitality and travel is underway, and it mirrors the changes most brands and consumers now see across the broader business ecosystem.

1 month ago

Antarctica’s 5-Star Hotel Gets Refurbished for its November to December Season

Who needs to rough it for a trip to Antartica when you can book a hybrid adventure-travel excursion for $72,000 per person to Unknown International Airport? The $7,500 souvenir Bremont timepiece is extra, though. So that's ancillary revenue.

1 month ago