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Qatar Airways Adds Philadelphia to Its Growing List of U.S. Destinations

This show of force by Qatar Air continues to be impressive, but whether or not it's sustainable is another question.

2 years ago

Lufthansa Thinks More Strategic About Middle East Expansion

Last spring the now ex-CEO was talking about how the Gulf wasn't much needed. He was wrong then, but is right now.

3 years ago

Bahrain Takes on Neighboring Aviation Hubs with $980 Million Airport Upgrade

Bahrain's national airline Gulf Air didn't take off like Emirates or Qatar leaving the destination envious of its neighbors' tourism booms. Bahrain is now focusing all attention on Asia in its second attempt to build an aviation hub.

3 years ago

The 30 days that turned the airline world on its head

Great long story on the way these big Gulf carriers are changing the world, and how pivotal 2012 was to the future of aviation.

3 years ago

Emirates closes in on Delta for the world’s largest airlines #2 position

Emirates' ambition is perfectly matched by its timing: It's been building a world-class carrier without the baggage of legacy lines but with all the advantages of being in the right place at the right time.

4 years ago

Bahrain International Airport looks to expand capacity by almost 5 million passengers

Bahrain is a tiny destination but its airport offers connections and direct transportation to Saudi Arabia so as business travel increases in the Middle East, it wants to be ready to get a piece of action.

4 years ago

Morocco looks to sell stake in national carrier, Royal Air Maroc

Morocco aims to treble tourism by partnering with a gulf airline to drive access from currently untapped tourist markets in China, India, and Latin America.

4 years ago