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Groupon sees how low its stock price can go (Answer: really low)

Flash sales and daily deals may just turn out to be less fun than everyone thought they'd be.


Groupon is bypassing Expedia to sell travel directly to consumers

In its direct-travel sales, Groupon could be taking a page out of Expedia's playbook -- partner with a company, learn the ropes, and eventually shut them out and do it on your own.

Groupon is bypassing Expedia to sell travel directly to consumers

Online Travel

Nokia Maps adds advanced route planning and Groupon Now! offers

What good was a maps app without directions? This seems like a functional necessity more than a perk, although Groupon must be happy for a chance to reach customers with location aware data -- even if only the few thousand with a Windows Phone.

Media and PR

Groupon joins Nokia and others on ReadWriteWeb’s death watch

The local deals giant finally put up some good numbers this quarter, but its share price has been battered and it will need to improve relations with local businesses if it wants to stay alive.

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Hotels and travel providers weigh the benefits of daily deal sites

U.S. hotels can look to Australia for examples of properties that have worked with flash sites and still maintained a certain integrity of their rates.


Amid social travel site deluge, Uptake finds an exit strategy

Uptake was put on the ropes by Google's Panda update and the lack of user interest in trip planning via social means. The acquisition by Groupon gives it a chance to pivot with more support in its corner.