Google Maps’ Local Guides Program Brings Community Focus to Traveler Reviews

Google Maps needed a serious refresh to remain relevant not just in mapping, but also in reviews as travelers look for fresher content that's visually stimulating and easily navigable.

Google Faces UK Court Case Over Anti-Competitive Moves in Mapping

Whether or not Google used its dominance to favor itself over other mobile mapping players, the other companies never really stood a chance anyways.

Google Maps Offers Virtual Tour of Robben Island Museum

Rather than replace a trip to South Africa, local tourism leaders are hoping the technology will raise awareness of its attractions and beauty among a global audience and prompt additional visits.

Google Maps’ Street View Can Now Take You Through The Amazon Jungle

The Trekker program is just fascinating.

Yelp Still Isn’t Happy With Google Local Search, Joins European Complaint

It's great to see Stoppleman and Yelp continue to stand up to Google on this. While it helps them, it also attempts to carve out a space for other innovators in the guidebook and local space -- which is basically the same now.

Google Maps Street View Adds a Time Travel Twist

Does Google really need to remind users that it's been innovating its mapping product extensively over the past seven years? Nobody likes a show off.

Google Street View Dips Into the Colorado River With Advocacy Group

Street View has endless uses, and it's hard not to be excited about most of them.

New Skift Report: The Rise of Location Data in Travel

Geolocation is everything to travel now. From the smartphone in your hand to recommendations based on location coming to you on your desktop, information is tied to real-world locations now in ways that have revolutionized travel.

Apple Maps is Beating Google Maps on iOS in Europe and the UK

It doesn't matter that Apple Maps is a challenge -- to say the least. Users aren't in the habit of downloading another app to navigate, even if that app is one of the better apps ever created.