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Vegas making a comeback, thanks to baccarat

Mass market slot machines aren't doing that well, but high-end Baccarat play are booming. Sign of the economic times, really.


China squashes violence in the world’s new casino capital to transform city’s image

China hopes to stop Macau from regressing to its chaotic and violent past by publicizing police raids and developing the city into a more tourist friendly destination.


Macau gaming growth slows, but MGM is bullish since the market is 5 times that of Vegas

Slowdown in China means the super-rich there may pull back short term from Macau, but MGM Resorts says it is in for long haul.


Atlantic City’s airport needs the expressway’s tolls to stay in business

You don't want to look at Atlantic City's revenues too closely. You think the airport's bad? The social cost of running A.C.'s casinos is even higher.


Why off-reservation casinos are a bad idea for California

What is and isn't an Indian casino in the U.S. is so much about local politics and creative boundaries that a battle like this amounts to not much more than closing the gate after the horses have escaped.


Detroit is losing local gaming customers to casinos in Toledo, Ohio

Unless your city is a marquee destination like Las Vegas or Macau that has more to offer visitors than loose slots, there's little to keep visitors loyal to one city over another.

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Social media power users can turn activity into loyalty points at MGM Resorts

Finally, a way to make social media addiction pay. Every location-based update a user makes to linked social media accounts -- no matter the number of followers they have -- gives them loyalty points equal to what spending $20 does.


Las Vegas likes foreign visitors because they spend much more than domestic ones

With the average foreign visitor likely to spend nearly triple on everything, the local tourism and convention board wants to nearly double its foreign influx to 30% of the city's total.