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Macau’s Economic Growth Stalls Amid Chinese Austerity Campaign

As Chinese culture begins to look down upon displays of extravagant wealth, those with means will look elsewhere to enjoy and bet their economic prowess, creating an opportunity for nascent gaming centers.

2 years ago

Australia’s Crown Resort Rumored to Bid $2 Billion for Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan has yet to turn a profit, but Crown would be taking over at time when both visitor numbers and spend are on the rise on the strip. The high-profile purchase would finally give Crown a presence in the Vegas market.

3 years ago

Casinos Could Soon Be Legal in Japan, And Set Off a Tourist Boom

Gambling remains illegal in Japan, one of the world's last untapped gaming markets and, with a wealthy population and proximity to China. Imagine the possibilities.

3 years ago

Donald Trump bets online gambling will debut in New Jersey and he’s looking for a partner

Atlantic City has had its struggles, and now the advent of online gambling in New Jersey could benefit the casinos financially, but also could make an actual visit to the fading city almost an after-thought.

3 years ago