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Airlines See Pajama Styles as Competitive Advantage for Premium Passengers

Airline competition is evolving from lounges to loungewear in the front of the plane. Hey, if they have lie-flat seats on long-haul flights, then frequent flyers might as well walk the aisles and sleep in style.

3 months ago

Flying For Free Forever Is as Simple as Buying a $170 Million Painting With an Amex Card

How do American Express and other credit card companies pay for all those miles that get redeemed? Charging merchants transaction fees usually does the trick.

11 months ago

United CEO to Frequent Flyers: ‘We Can Do Better’

United CEO Oscar Munoz Munoz is saying all the right things and needs to reassure MileagePlus members before more of them bolt to other airlines. But after years of poor performance, members of United's loyalty program and other customers will want to see concrete results, not just the verbiage.

1 year ago

American Air to Spend $2 Billion on Upgraded Seats, Entertainment

American's investment suggests that airlines' record financial health could actually lead to improvements in customer experience.

2 years ago

Air Canada Bets on Listicles and Badges to Engage Frequent Flyers

The idea of an frequent flyer community coming together to share travel tips and engage in good-natured competition is a lofty concept; however, we wouldn't bet on these busy executives investing substantial time and energy toward connecting or creating on the Air Canada platform.

2 years ago

The Highest U.S. Domestic Airfare is $8,000, Comes With Shrimp and Privacy

American Airlines is certainly setting itself apart with its uber-exclusive transcontinental service. Will it be profitable and sustainable? Pass the shrimp scampi; we'll wait and find out.

2 years ago

Cathay Pacific Mulls Letting Passengers Bid for Upgrades

Cathay Pacific has to figure out whether the bid-for-an-upgrade scheme would deter other passengers for paying the full fare for those seats. It would be an experiment worth trying.

2 years ago

American, US Airways Adjust Mileage Rules to Increase Revenues

Frequent flyers and bloggers are bemoaning the sudden change, but adjustments should be expected as the two airlines continue to adjust and align their policies.

3 years ago

British Airways Finds 7 Common Emotions Travelers Feel During Flights

The levels of these emotions will change depending on the flyer and frequent business flyers, in particular, are immune to certain aspects of flight that become more tiring than invigorating over time.

3 years ago

Lufthansa Looks to Profitable Frequent Flyer Program in Business Revamp

Mileage programs are emerging as a top money maker for airlines worldwide and becoming assets in the carriers' restructuring towards greater profits and streamlined operations.

3 years ago

U.S. Supreme Court Considers Case of Frequent Flyer Kicked Out of Loyalty Program

It appears that Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg gamed the system, namely Northwest's loyalty program at the time. But it appears that the Supreme Court is leaning away from deciding the case. Did Northwest have the right to boot him from the program? We may not get that answer from the high court.

3 years ago

Alaska Airlines Adds Google Wallet to iPhone and Android Apps

With Google Wallet, and Apple Passbook before that, Alaska Airlines is adding all of the bells and whistles to meet customers' needs when they are using their smartphones at the airport -- and most any place else.

3 years ago