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Foursquare and Amex partner in UK to offer local deals to customers

The challenge of making loyalty pay is doubled in this instance, requiring users to both like using Foursquare and have an American Express card.


Slideshow: The 18 best beaches in Britain

Although Visit England's much-derided staycation campaign deserves the criticism, these 18 spots in England, Scotland, and Wales aren't a bad reason to stick around.


Britain’s visa system is a big middle finger to visitors

The problems at Heathrow are but a tip of a "nasty iceberg" of Britain's looming visa disaster.


Opinion: The UK government just doesn’t “get” air travel

There's a recurring theme that Britain's infrastructure is breaking apart, and this outburst but an industry executive only adds to the argument.


England’s promotion of staycations earns the wrath of travel companies

By telling Britons to not bother with Euros and passports, the government threatens the 600,000+ Britons whose jobs depend on outgoing tourism.


The best and the worst beaches in the UK

The Guardian's data blog thumbs through all the details on UK beaches to praise the good ones and expose the bad.


Northern England gets more attractive to visitors

Manchester and Liverpool hit the UK's tourist top five by giving visitors a reason to leave London.


How bad off is Heathrow? They’re flying in border agents from Manchester

The Home Secretary and airport officials seem hell-bent on turning immigration delays into the greatest travel story of the summer.


Despite good signs, UK tourism is still in bad shape


Play pretend: Imagining what you’d do as UK’s transport minister

Tyler Brule lays out how life would be different for UK rail riders if he was calling the shots in the transportation ministry.