The Only Thing to Stop Cuba’s Tourism Growth Is Its Accommodations Crunch

No combination of cruise ships, Airbnb rentals, state-run hotels, or nuns' quarters will be enough to replace smart tourism development, which Cuba may not yet be capable of carrying out.

Dubai Developers Try Underwater Bedrooms to Jumpstart Large Hotel Project

It's as if they took all the lessons of the economic crisis and didn't pay attention to them at all.

Interview: Anthony Bourdain’s Ideal TV Audience Is Anthony Bourdain

A single-minded focus on what you think is best, rather than what others are telling you is best for you, can produce both victories and defeats. More than a decade in, it's clear which category Bourdain's travel TV is in.

Charleston, SC Still Hasn’t Settled Its Cruise Terminal Issues

Outside of a sports stadium, we can think of few things outside of a cruise terminal which do more to negatively impact the people who live next door in a way that only benefits people who live far away.

Eritrea’s Capital City Is Making a Strong Push for UNESCO World Heritage Status

World Heritage status can hurt, too, if destinations don't plan properly. Eritrea's relative isolation could offer it the best of both worlds, though.

4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Under Threat From Too Much Tourism

When politics meets poor planning meets too many tourists, things never end well.

Heathrow Third Runway Supporters Are Feeling Confident, Despite Delays

Supporters may see victory, but it needs to come sooner rather than later if they're serious about defending London's position in transatlantic travel.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Downside of Cultural Tourism

Destinations are realizing that tourism management is an essential part of a good quality of life for residents. It's just that not many destinations make wise decisions when the promise of tourism profits make wise choices less attractive.