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Southwest kicks off 72 hour sale for non-holiday periods, till mid-Feb

Off-peak inventory management, oldest trick of the trade, enhanced through spreading the world on social media channels.

Travel Technology

Priceline adds its travel deals to mobile platforms

Priceline was one of the first booking sites a couple of years ago to point to the new booking pattern: mobile users booking hotels while in-destination. Express Deals are a logical extension to its mobile platforms.

Skift Originals

Expedia puts hotel mobile exclusives into apps as desktop users pay more

Desktops bookings are still in the majority, but booking sites are turning more of their energy in finding new revenue opportunities with mobile devices.

Expedia puts hotel mobile exclusives into apps as desktop users pay more


Hotwire to shut Travel Ticker deals newsletter and website

It's hard to believe that Travel Ticker was merely a victim of Hotwire's international expansion plans. If the opaque travel market, where Hotwire plays, is getting very crowded, the deals newsletter space is getting even more so.

Online Travel

Valadoos’ mobile travel deals are a refreshing approach to tourism in Indonesia

The startup's focus on mobile and social media distribution gives them a leg up on the country's outdated domestic tourism industry, which up until recently was dominated by a few big companies.


So you think all room rates are the same across the Web? Guess again

It's a jungle out there and still fairly easy to find online hotel deals, lower than those on the hotel websites, despite the efforts of big chains to act as pricing police.


US Airways wants you to spend more money during its flights

Offering miles for in-flight purchases seems like more obvious incentive than one-tap credit card transactions for airlines hoping to sell more event tickets and travel deals to travelers halfway to their destinations.

Online Travel

Brazilian startup GringoLocal exports local deals to foreign visitors

GringoLocal aims to save travelers money on local experiences by selecting deals from destination-specific resources; however, the established team of founders are already thinking of possible pivots should the idea not take off.


Travelzoo looks to new hotel model and investment as growth slows

Travelzoo -- like almost everyone else -- is facing competitive pressures in the deals arena so it is looking for new revenue streams from hotels, and is seeking to manufacture some momentum through increased marketing spend.