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Nobody’s Happy About the Concordia Captain Conviction in Italy

Costa would prefer that this case disappear quietly, and the unprecedented sentence seems like a good reason to let the decision stand.

1 year ago

Korean Ferry Tragedy Demonstrates Costa Lessons Weren’t Learned

3 years ago

Shipwrecked Costa Concordia Ship to Be Removed from Italian Coast by June

Costa says the salvage effort pumped $355 million into the Italian economy, but the shipwrecked eyesore also hurt Giglio's unique landscape and tourism sector.

3 years ago

Former Costa Cruises CEO Officially Retires Two Years After Concordia Disaster

Carnival quietly moved Foschi to an executive role in Asia six months after the incident and he's now officially retired from the board with $1.7 million more than you'd expect for someone in charge of the one of the decade's worst cruise incidents.

3 years ago

Costa Crewman Says Captain Fled Ship with Passengers Still Onboard

Captain Francesco Schettino is already the most hated man in the cruise industry giving little shock value to the witness's claims. His reputation is already ruined, no matter what the court rules. Perhaps Italian politics for his next job?

3 years ago

Dutch Firm Wins $30 Million Bid to Scrap the Costa Concordia

The town of Giglio, Italy is eager to see the hulking vessel removed. It may have benefitted from the money spent to work on the ship so far, but townspeople would like to replace salvage tourists with the more traditional sort.

3 years ago

The Costa Concordia’s Salvage Operation Will Cost $623 Million

Despite discounts, the Carnival brand has been hit hard over the last year. The company hopes that a victory over the landmark of this waterborne tragedy will give the brand a boost.

3 years ago

The Costa Concordia’s Insurer Will Pay Over $1 Billion for Italy Disaster

This is in addition to any judgement that Costa or parent company Carnival will have to pay victims of the accident.

3 years ago

The Italian island where the Concordia capsized wants €80m from Costa

Go for it, Giglio.

4 years ago

Carnival Corp. plays the victim card in Concordia disaster

Carnival's Costa brand is wise to seek status on behalf of its shareholders, but it risks looking like a giant, un-caring corporation that only cares about its own bottom line rather than the dead people who were trapped on its sunken ship.

4 years ago

Italian prosecutors turn their interest to Costa Concordia’s officers

Expect some quality entertainment from the Italian court, but the real battles will be waged in civil court as victims go after Costa for its failures.

4 years ago

Senator Rockefeller is taking on the cruise industry one ship at a time

Carnival and its peers will have a mess on their hands if Sen. Rockefeller manages to yell loudly enough about how little tax the companies pay and how much the companies take from of U.S. taxpayers.

4 years ago