First Order of Business for IATA’s New CEO: Managing A Global Airline Emissions Tax

In his new role at IATA, the outgoing Air France-KLM CEO has a big challenge ahead of him: working with the U.N. to establish a global tax for airline emissions that will be enforced fairly among all airlines.

Florida’s Governor Wants to Review Tourism Board’s Spending

While we think that DMO spending deserves more transparency, we will point out that the governor looking into Visit Florida's spending does so while banning state employees from saying "climate change," even while the ocean water level rises above everyone's ankle socks, and Miami businesses search for higher ground.

Japan’s Ski Resorts Struggle Against El Niño and Declining Interest

Add to the list of challenges: a lackluster performance by a tourism board that has trouble selling Japan's varied assets.

Skiing the Alps Gets Tougher as Climate Change Takes Its Toll

Leave it to global climate change to declines in one of the oldest touristic activities on the planet.

New Jersey Tourism Meets Climate Change as Shore Destinations Disappear

As climate change continues, there will be new destinations every year able to boast of ocean-front views. Dark humor aside, this is where tourism can affect global policies.

U.S. Tourists Flee Puerto Vallarta as Giant Hurricane Nears Mexico

Let's hope that locals are able to get away as well.

French Alps Leaders Consider Winter Sport Tourism After Climate Change

Everything is changing, and it will have a radical effect on tourism around the world.

Caribbean Beaches Covered in Growing Piles of Rotting Seaweed

If only global climate change wasn't a liberal conspiracy we may have an answer to the cause behind this ...

Rising Ocean Threatens Tourism in a State That Banned Talk of Climate Change

As a private citizen Florida Governor Rick Scott helped destroy healthcare across the U.S. Now he has his sights set on destroying tourism in the state he's governing with all the wisdom of a rapid swamp raccoon.

Backcountry Skiers Can’t Catch a Break in California This Year

Oh, climate change!