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Montreal’s hotel industry feels relief after this spring’s student protests

A pause in the demonstrations this June coincided with a profitable month for hotels, although there are probably other, more Influential factors, causing Montreal's tourism slump.


Cruise lines protest new emissions standards designed to protect pristine places their ships visit

The government quietly passed an anti-pollution program requiring all large ships to cut their fuel's sulfur content from 2.7% to 1% by August 1. The cost is estimated as an additional $19 a day -- less than lines routinely pass on as "fuel surcharges."


Jimmy Kimmel airs a confident Canada’s new campaign for U.S. tourists: “Suck it, eh?”

Spoof though it is, Kimmel's fake campaign trades in the stock images of Canada as many Americans see it. Maybe it does need that rebranding.


Canada is more than a maple leaf and some beavers, say U.S. branding experts

The Canadians didn't exactly ask for the advice, but it never hurts to get outside advice on how you brand your own nation. Yes, we're talking to you Brand USA.


Canadian tourism will face more challenges attracting foreign travelers

Canada's inbound tourism has dropped by 15% over the past decade, and with a marketing budget that's almost half of what it was two years ago the country will struggle to get its message out through traditional marketing means.


Air Canada will have to find new company to service its fleets