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Myanmar’s Journey From Police State to Luxury Travel Hot Spot

We'd like to see a more thoughtful approach to tourism beyond the singular focus on the luxury market, as they tend to be rather fickle.

10 months ago

A New Road to Mandalay Will Once Again Connect India and Burma

Let's hope the route brings a little light to an otherwise isolated part of Burma.

2 years ago

Myanmar Bans Further Hotel Construction in Bagan to Protect Temples

The opening of Myanmar has brought with it an influx of visitors but not an incredible amount of strategic planning.

3 years ago

Myanmar Tries to Grow By Leasing Jets for Its National Airline

Myanmar needs to demonstrate it can handle its new visitors, and since it can't handle it on its own turning to a third party is its best option.

3 years ago

Myanmar Moves One Step Closer to Better Credit Card and ATM Access for Travelers

This is primarily about access in the capital city Naypyidaw. Outside of its city limits, visitors are still with much the same infrastructure that was in place before the country's nominal reforms.

3 years ago

Tourists Delay Trips to Myanmar After Bomb Explodes in Yangon Hotel

Myanmar's tourism sector has boomed since its borders opened for the first time last year, but a series of dangerous incidents this early in its industry's growth could have a negative impact for years to come.

3 years ago

67 Endangered Tourist Sites Identified in World Monuments Fund’s Biannual List

The list includes some surprising landmarks including the St. Louis Gateway Arch and a New Jersey Park whose livelihood is as much at risk due to erosion and overdevelopment as historic sites in Syria and Burma.

3 years ago

Myanmar Eases Border Crossing Restrictions from Thailand

Despite the rapid easing of travel restrictions in some parts of the country, the border area with Thailand has been a trouble spot. The new rules will likely affect -- hopefully improve -- conditions in this region.

3 years ago

Myanmar’s new $500 million plan for airports, ground transport and tourism

3 years ago

Best Western may be the most daring U.S. hotel group expanding overseas

It is a mixture of timing and strategy that landed Best Western in two of today's most challenging hotel markets, but its agility to convert and brand properties has raised its profile abroad.

3 years ago

Traveling to Burma? U.S. says it’s now okay to call the country Myanmar

A name might mean little to tourists that come to enjoy cuisine and culture, but it means everything to locals whose country’s name defines their identity and how the rest of the world views them.

3 years ago

Myanmar doesn’t want to become the next sex tourism hotspot

An ugly side to the usual benefits brought by a burgeoning tourism industry. Strict law enforcement and diligence will help in stamping out a sex economy before it grows.

4 years ago