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Will Usain Bolt make Australia the next “I’m going to Disneyland?”

"I'm going to Disneyland" alongside a Wheaties box was about good as it could get for an elite athlete. Now Bolt throws a new destination into the athletic victors' mix.

Online Travel

Aussies can finally use Map Maker to add details to their Google Maps

Joining 200 countries where Map Maker has already launched, Australia can now add its local flavor -- from resorts to hiking trails -- to a list of contributions to be approved by Google.


How visitors can tour and play in past Olympic stadiums

Proud cities keep their Olympic stadiums in top shape decades after the games end allowing visitors to swim, skate, or run the same grounds as gold medalists and offering tours with historic insights surrounding the events.


Western Australia says no thank you to shark cage tourism

The ban comes after studies show the activity creates abnormal patterns among sharks and can lead to increased attacks on humans.


Wealthy Chinese tourists continue to flock to Australia

While it still lags behind France and the U.S., Australia is tops with Chinese tourists and has become a preferred destination for vacation homes.


SkiftAds: Qantas launches new campaign: “You’re The Reason We Fly.” We had no idea…

Someone has to make a dashboard comparison of all airlines taglines. Wait, we will. Soon.


Canberra pulls in more Australian visitors while losing international ones

Despite an exchange rate that encourages international travel, Canberra is having surprising success driving domestic travel.


Traveling Brisbane to Cairns by rail