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Big alliance shakeup: Qantas ties knot with Emirates, ends BA codeshare deal

Qantas, the troubled Australian airlines, has seen the writing on the wall: that Middle East is the future of global aviation hub. And competition between Emirates, Etihad & Qatar airways can only be good for the passengers everywhere.


Tasmania gets tourism boost from growing number of cruise visits

Australia's little island is about as far away from foreign countries and it can get, but international tourists brought by cruise ships are helping boost the local economy.


Aussie economics firm predicts outbound tourism from Asia to significantly increase by 2015

Income growth for the middle class means tourism is expected to move beyond domestic borders and largely into Australia, although hotel growth will be needed to accommodate growing tourism sector.


Australia thinks Chinese foodies will double country’s tourism income by 2020

Tourism Australia is fretting over not having enough wait staff to handle the influx of Chinese travelers predicted to visit Australia, but it seems like a premature worry for a sector with gradual growth.


Virgin Australia credits business travelers for its return to profitability

The airline derives over 20 percent of its revenue from business travel and has profited from partnerships with international airlines, as well as co-booking flights with other companies.


Qantas on the decline: The little airline that couldn’t

The age of world's oldest airline is beginning to show.


A huge hotel revamp is in the works for Australia’s Great Ocean Road

New resorts, hostels, and B&Bs would greatly boost tourism in the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia, but tourism planners must be careful not to overcrowd or otherwise harm the iconic coastline.


All Australian international airports will have body scanners starting in November

Travelers down under are worried about health effects and airports worry about installing a false sense of security, so are Aussies the picky ones or are Americans too willing to use scanners as a quick fix?


Australia is still pulling in gap year travelers thanks to generous working holiday visas

Despite a very strong dollar, Australia's attractions -- both nice weather and a generous work visa program -- are a big enough lure for students to make the long trek.


Australia creates first human brochure to attract visitors to its little known capital city

Australia's tourism board is offering 500 people with active social media accounts a free trip to Canberra in exchange for live status updates on their activities -- if only guidebook writers could get this treatment.