The World’s Best Boutique Airlines for the Economy Long-Haul Experience

These airlines understand that the only way to get ahead of the competition is to provide a unique cabin product and great service. The most successful ones are also very good about consistently delivering an exceptional passenger experience. They'll spoil you.

Asiana Plane Crash Caused by Pilots’ Overreliance on Automation

The Asiana crash is a lesson in the dangers of flight automation without a proper education program teaching pilots how to handle and control it.

Asiana Airlines Reveals Their New A380 with Clean Lines, Open Spaces, and a Bit of Magic

Sometimes the battle for interiors takes a silly turn.

NTSB Sets Date for Asiana Airlines Crash Hearing

We're still impressed by the NTSB's use of Twitter to communicate matters to the public following accidents like this.

FAA Is Making Moves to Decrease Pilot Errors in Boeing’s 737s

Sine the FAA is limited in the number of inspections it can do and is reliant on the industry and manufacturers to self-police, it has to resort to using accidents like the Asiana Air crash and the Colgan Air disaster to help it enact changes to the industry.

Asiana Airlines Fined by U.S. DOT for Failing to Promptly Assist Crash Victims’ Families

This is the first time that the DOT levied a charge for such behavior. Quickly providing information in this type of situation is a more basic requirement than even regular customer service.

Flyers in Asiana Crash Sue Boeing Over Speed Warning System

The passengers are increasing their chance at success by working together, but Boeing may still push responsibility off to the carrier in court.

Landings at Wrong Airports Put New Focus On Pilot Inattentiveness

Airlines and federal authorities had better get a handle on the pilot inattentiveness issue, if it played a role in the two recent wrong-airport incidents, before there is another tragedy.

Asiana Airlines Names New CEO 5 Months After Crash

New leadership at Asiana and enhanced pilot training were both called for given what's come out about the crash in San Francisco in July.

San Francisco Crash Investigation Reveals Asiana Pilot Didn’t Understand Controls

The findings are likely to increase the current discussion around the over-reliance of controls by pilots.