Arizona Bill Stopping Cities From Banning Vacation Rentals Heads to Governor

It's obvious that states and cities throughout the U.S. are trying to find the right balance between welcoming the sharing economy and regulating it. It's still unclear whether laws like this streamline the experience for consumers or ignore community needs when it comes to short-term rentals.

New Data on Airbnb in Phoenix Takes Aim at Arizona’s Pro-Sharing Economy Stance

While it's pretty clear that the hotel industry and Airbnb are at odds with one another, it's still obvious that more transparent data is sorely needed to understand the true impact of Airbnb and other home sharing platforms on cities and communities.

Arizona State Senate Blocks Its Cities From Regulating Airbnb

We've yet to see a state that's struck the right balance between simplifying standards — which is good — and letting communities decide what's best for their residents. Not all towns are created equal, as Florida (which has a similar law) has learned.

Arizona Has a New Tourism Director

We're always impressed by Arizona's ability to get so many people to come to the desert.

Arizona Businesses Hope the Home Team Doesn’t Make the Super Bowl

If the NFL wants to guarantee the home team won't host the big game, they should just alternate between Oakland and Tampa Bay, Florida every other year.

Phoenix International Airport Had Its Busiest Month in History in March

A rebounding business travel market in the U.S. coupled with increased foreign arrivals are pushing passenger volume at U.S. airports to new records in 2014. But it's worth noting that Phoenix did so well in a month that began with prominent people pushing a boycott of Arizona for its anti-gay laws (before they were pulled back).

Hawaii Tourism Says it Makes $88 Million for Every $5 Million It Invests in a Pro Bowl

While the Pro Bowl may be good for Hawaii, these very ver optimistic numbers smack of Brand USA accounting rather than reality.

Arizona Officials Face Tough Task Wooing Visitors From Mexico

Yes, having a state that's the national short-hand for unwelcome and intolerant certainly does make tourism and trade more difficult.

The Tourism Industry That Wouldn’t Stand for Arizona’s Anti-Gay Push

If Arizona wanted to keep any of its already smaller conventions and meetings business it had to make sure this bill never became law.

American Air and Southwest Join the Opposition to Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

Arizona has proven it has a knack for being on the wrong side of history in a way that really, really hurts its tourism industry. It's latest bone-headed move is par for the course.