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US Airways has already done its political and regulatory homework for American bid

Everyone seems confident that thanks to its own merging history and the recent example of United and Continental, US Airways will be able to leap any regulatory hurdles placed in front of it.


US Airways boss: We like you American, but we’re not going to wait forever

CEO Doug Parker has done an excellent job lobbying for support for a US Airways/American merger -- even among current rivals and possible future oneworld alliance partners at British Airways.


American’s rosier second quarter results mask the airline’s future challenges

Things look better at American because it's able to use its bankruptcy to avoid being held accountable or addressing its past mistakes. It owes its employees and shareholders a future that benefits more than just its own executive ranks.


British Airways chief executive says he’s fine with whatever suitor makes American Airlines happy

Since BA can't buy American, Walsh sees a pairing with US Airways as the next best thing for a stronger oneworld alliance.


Why US Airways is the only partner for American Airlines that makes sense

Ahles' story points out the obvious speed bump for AMR's leaders: If they merged with US Airways their executive team would likely be gutted.


US Airways buys American Airlines debt to get seat at the table

If nothing else, US Airways has a sense of humor. As silly as this may be, it's American's execs that are consistently looking like clowns.

Skift Originals gets American Airlines wholesale fares through direct ties

American Airlines' direct-connect push has yet to take off in a huge way, but the agreement shows it ain't dead yet. Old-school GDS protests aside, travel agencies should be able to establish such ties with anyone they want to.


American Airlines mechanics and clerks union to vote on slightly improved contract

The contract, while better, still includes layoffs of both mechanics and clerks. The thousands who will lose jobs are likely not soothed by the news of the multi-million dollar bonuses execs will receive even if they only half-succeed transforming the carrier.


American Airlines is finally ready to explore its options: sale, merge, or go it alone

The unions are rooting for a pairing with US Airways, but who knows what the months of high-priced consultants and lawyers have whispered into American's executive's ears.


Now American Airlines says it will formally explore partners

A strategic leak to WSJ on this one: American is likely approaching potential partners reluctantly because, as Andrew Ross Sorkin made clear, its execs stand to make a ton of money if they wait to merge.