American Airlines Pilots Are Pessimistic About Its Corporate Culture

If American Airlines can't keep its pilots or employees happy, could a potential strike be looming?

American Airlines Tries to Mend Labor Issues With Profit-Sharing Promise

Smart for American to go for profit sharing in a good year rather than lock in higher wages that would persist even when returns weren't as great as they are now.

American Airlines’ CEO Can’t Escape a Quote by Southwest Air’s Co-Founder

American Airlines Group CEO sounds as though he has turned into a labor activist. OK, not really, but he knows you can't have a successful company unless its corporate culture is healthy and its employees have a real stake in its well-being.

American Airlines Pilots Say Labor Relations Are Now ‘Toxic’

It appears that American is spending more on everyone. Parker needs to bring back the labor skills he used to woo the union to his side in the first place.

American Airlines Reservations Agents Ratify New Contract

You know that United execs, which still struggles with contract disputes that separate former Continental workers from the United rank and file, read headlines like this and just groan.

President of American Airlines’ Flight Attendant Union Will Resign

The resignation reveals a deeper divide between American and one of its leading unions than previously thought.

American Airlines Is Making Retirees Mad By Cutting Flying Perks

We're pretty certain there are benefits to other people at American Air that its execs can cut. Perhaps the benefits they receive.

Labor Unions and U.S. Airlines Set Aside Differences to Attack Gulf Carriers

The selective outrage is cynical at best.

American Airlines’ Maintenance Workers Claim Airline Lax on Safety

American's relationship with its maintenance workers is its biggest labor challenge.

American Airlines Pilots to Get 23% Pay Boost in New Contract

American apparently sees a happier, more loyal workforce as a good thing.